Total cryptocurrency market capitalization up 5% over the past seven days.


The past seven days have been filled with many price movements. Most cryptos are all about closing the week profitably after a bumpy run throughout the week. The total market cap of the cryptocurrency has increased by 5% at the time of writing after the past seven days. Many coins contributed to the gains as they all battled through the rather lackluster week. The market plunged to $ 1.95 trillion at the start of the reporting period, sealing its week low and $ 2.20 trillion high.

Most efficient part

The top performing coin in the top 100 during this time is Avalanche. The coin is currently trading above $ 70 after hitting a new all-time high at $ 76 in the past 24 hours. The milestone set $ AVAX gains of over 40% over the past seven days. At the start of the week, AVAX fell below $ 50, but it rebounded to $ 46 as buyers rallied the coin from that price mark, resulting in strong resistance from Avalanche over the seven last days.

Bitcoin is up 6.8% during the review period. A previous analysis earlier this month warned that we could see bitcoin drop as low as $ 43,000. If the bulls do not support the $ 43,000 mark, BTC may be in free fall as there are no visible supports up to $ 37,000. Market sentiment at the time was a bit bullish and suggests a rally soon.

The analysis concluded by stating that we could see the biggest rise in crypto of up to $ 47,000 and up. As expected, BTC fell to $ 44,000 but found support at $ 43,400. We saw an increase above $ 47,000 after that.

Market fundamentals are quite bullish as the week has been filled with news covering the development of blockchain and the legalization of some cryptos in countries. Now the crypto market is at a standstill with many coins trading in a price region with no breaking out. We could see more price hikes at the end of the week.

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